Your platform to take your performance as a teacher to the next level. Be the teacher these generations needs

A platform for teachers to learn how to facilitate virtual classes and manage rewards for students to boost interactivity.

Through gamification, teachers can reward students, assign tasks, and align the educational program which now includes new ways or work and technology.

The tracks or recipes are recommended based on their assignment and day of the week, taking account the student’s possible mood and balancing theoretical lessons with human interactions.

The teacher will find tips and tricks, documentation, videos, and resources recommendation on how to use and how to integrate online tools such as Mural, Miro, Zoom, etc. The recommendation system will take in account human factors that influence attention spam and advise the teacher on «what to do» based on scenarios.

The students will be rewarded for paying attention, sharing video, participating, and said coins could be used to interchange them for rewards that would be provided by sponsors, such as movie theaters, sports brands, or music platforms such as Spotify.


Team members:

  • Cristina Castejón
  • Mar Arroyo
  • Uxia Vila
  • Mirna Rodríguez