Hey Good Day!

Your neighborhood starts with you!

It is a mobile app in which the citizen offers / finds activities (environment, sports, culture, pets, urban planning, damage in the hood, etc …) that have a return for him or the community in which he lives (time bank).

They also aim to create a social space that helps to weave a network of trusted contacts.
Both Administration, business, private, and local entities provide resources, tools and funds to carry it out.

Apart from meeting the people who live around you, challenges are made with a volunteer perspective, but with rewards (discounts, vouchers, partners … to be exchanged in the neighborhood itself).

The app can be accessed both from your mobile phone and from interactive panels located on your neighborhood portal. You can only log-in through a QR / NFC, which will only have accredited neighbor


Team members:

  • Uxue
  • Mariela
  • Gema
  • Tomàs