What is Service Design

Each connection and interaction between a service (take the bus, buy bread…) and the user is usually a headache, which is studied and developed trying to make it as pleasant and efficient as possible for the user and, therefore, also for the one who provides the service. That is to say, every service (activity that seeks to meet the customer needs) is projected (designed) looking for innovation that provides differentiation while trying to maximize the binomial satisfaction/cost.
Service Design is thinking about how, when and where to provide a service. It is more than just building an experience or building a strong brand. Service Design is necessary to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

“If you would ask ten people what service design is, you would end up with eleven different answers – at least.”
M. Stickdorn, J. Schneider, This is service design thinking (2010)

One of the strong points of the design is that there is no right approach and there is not a single theory behind it, because by putting the person in the center and seeing what their experiences with a particular service are like, it can teach us much more about last month’s sales figures.

«We are tired of being treated as nobodies with no personalty by monolithic institutions, we want to be recognised and understood.»
S. Parker, J.Heapy (2006)

At the Global Jam we want to co-create new services with a human-centered and multidisciplinary approach that will give rise to an interesting vision of the future of the various service industries.

Project example:

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