Global Service Jam

48 hours to save the world

The Global Service Jam is an event to share and develop ideas related to service innovation. The sectors are mixing, new markets are emerging. New ideas on strategic collaboration, social innovation and sustainable business development are being introduced in companies in this new decade. The process of globalization is making both, organizations and individuals, quickly realize that there is a need to rethink what they are doing, to reflect again. This sense of urgency and the recent increase in creativity has led to changes in mentality and methodologies around service development.

The main objective of the GSJ is to introduce people to the world of Service Design, working for 2 days in teams of 4-5 people under an unknown theme until the jam starting day. The event has very few established rules apart from time constraints. The theme will be revealed by the organizers at the beginning of the weekend as an inspiration, but after that, each local team will have to discover their own path with the help of several coaches or facilitators to support the process. The teams themselves will be formed spontaneously at the start of the event. In short, disaggregated teams, worldwide networking. And a fantastic opportunity to meet and make new contacts. All starting at the same time, united in time, offshored in place.