Mad Service Jam

The Global Service Design Workshop

From 9 to 11 March 2018

48 hours to save the world

The weekend of 9-11 March, people from different backgrounds will come together to create a service…

More than 70 cities worldwide.

This global initiative pretends to expand service design, create community and, above all, make this world a better place.


It's time to do, to act, to forget the complexes and to collaborate.


Teachers or truck drivers, industrial engineers, cleaning ladies, philosophy students, photographers… you are all welcome if you are willing to share your ideas, knowledge, experiences… and share a weekend working collaboratively.


Service Design

Service Design is more than just building experience or building a strong brand. Service Design is necessary to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Fun & Collaboration

A Jam consists of improvising, letting oneself be carried away, but above all in doing: it is not so much about obtaining precise results, but rather in enjoying the process, learning and empathizing with the rest of jammers, to create services focused at improving the world.





Un año más Heineken volverá a estar en la Jam!!!

Nuestros buenos amigos de Heineken nos proveerán del líquido elemento embotellado en esas inconfundibles verdes botellas. Un sabor igual en 192 países… más o menos como la pasión de las Jams que del 9 al 11 de marzo compartiremos en más de 70 ciudades en todo el mundo.

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